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The Most Robust Software for Business Centres, Serviced Office, Co-working Space and Managed Space Operators

Manage Leads, Proposals, Licence Agreements, Clients, Offices, Meeting Rooms Bookings, Services, Billing and Management Reports, all within one system.

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The One Integrated Software for Engineering and Architecture Companies

Manage Clients, Projects, Documents, Employee Timesheets and Expenses, all within one system.

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Project Based Electronic Timesheet and Expense Management System

Manage Employee Timesheets and Expenses by Project and by Client, all within one system.

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Affordable & Adaptable Enterprise CRM Solution

Automate sales force, free your sales team, increase your sales and grow your business faster.

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Visualise data into business trends. Know your KPIs.

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The complete management software system for the flexible workspace, business centre, managed space, serviced office and science park industry.

UltraSoftBIS automates entire business process from sales to license agreement generation, offices, products and services, meeting room booking, billing and management reporting.

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The complete integrated management software system solution for engineering, architecture and construction industry.

UltraSoftDMS is an integrated electronic documents, projects, employee timesheet and expense, resources and customers management system.

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What our Customers Say?

Before implementing UltraSoftDMS, retrieval of documents through Explorer was onerous and awkward. However, users reported that UltraSoftDMS was a big improvement; citing that being able to see the author’s name and the smart use of key words and folders which act as filters are great help. In addition, previously it was easy to update the wrong version of a document, but now this problem has largely gone. Clearer information as to the status of a document avoids superseded documents being edited.

With UltraSoftDMS and TMS project managers are able to get a more accurate picture of current costs, as people are now keeping both time and expense records up to date. This is turning out to be particularly valuable for the control of small projects.

We wanted to eliminate the entry time, and the chasing of people for timesheets. We also needed to unlock the project knowledge, and have all staff maintain the register, rather than one or two in the past.

 With UltraSoftDMS and TMS the net savings year on year average around £60,000pa. This system largely paid for itself in its first year. read more...
- Bill Treddenick, Operations Director, Lorien Engineering Solutions
We could make maybe 10-15 changes to workspace layouts in any given centre during a six month period and the UltraSoftBIS system ensures that the records for floor plans, stock and availability are always 100% accurate and up-to-date. Most importantly, UltraSoftBIS constrains us to work within our own strict guidelines, parameters and ethics, so the system ensures we cannot accommodate low price or unusually flexible deals.

We could not have expanded so aggressively in the UK without the infrastructure benefits provide by UltraSoftBIS. read more ...
- David Alberto, Founder, Avanta
We believe that the improved functionality and flexibility that UltraSoftBIS provides to i2 Office will help support our plans to double the size of our business during the next 12 months. read more ...
- Philip Grace, CEO, i2 Office
We were always ‘dictated to’ by the previous system whereas UltraSoft is more flexible. With UltraSoft, it is much more difficult for mistakes to be made and they are easily seen. Today, we know that our reports are accurate and we can put together the reports that we want. This allows us to manage our business as opposed to being managed by the software.

With UltraSoft, we have a superb business management tool that puts us back in control. read more ...
- Brian Andrews, Managing Director, Basepoint
An 80% decrease in time and costs for the billing process, and further substantial savings from training costs. The billing run used to take me two days. Now it takes two hours. read more ...
- Olly Olsen, Director, The Office Group
If you are still not convinced that UltraSoft is the right system for your organisation, please read a few more customer case studies to find out why many organisations like yours are switching to UltraSoft. Alternatively you can contact us for a no obligation online demonstration of UltraSoft System.

 About UltraSoft Technologies

UltraSoft Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions used by multinationals and by small- and medium-sized enterprises. It applies the latest technology to integrate, simplify, improve and reduce the costs of common business processes used by all organisations regardless of size or industry.

UltraSoft Technologies is the market-leading provider of software solutions for the serviced office and managed workspace industry, engineering and architecture companies. Its latest system is becoming the de facto solution of choice for business centres, engineers and architects replacing their existing systems or starting out. UltraSoft Technologies was founded in 1998 by Harun Biswas, who has been working in the serviced office and engineering industry since 1994.